New Yoga Studio in La Saladita Beach, Mexico

La Saladita Beach welcomes the new yoga studio El Templo to the local community. Yoga practitioners of all levels will find a variety of classes offered by both Local yoga instructors and visiting guest yoga teachers. Regular weekly classes both in the morning and evening provide a great balance for restoration after long days ofContinue reading “New Yoga Studio in La Saladita Beach, Mexico”

MARETA Saladita – Friday community market

Mareta Saladita announced the addition of their weekly community market where local products and fresh food can be found. Come out and support the locals at this weekly farmers market hosted at Mareta Salasit. Choose from locally grown fresh produce providers as well as locally made organic products and handmade crafts, clothes and more. IfContinue reading “MARETA Saladita – Friday community market”

MexiLog Fest in Playa La Saladita 2023

The much debated, mostly feared and for some highly anticipated MexiLog Fest longboard surf competition returns to Playa La Saladita, México from April 22-29, 2023. The MexiLog Fest entails a week of single fin longboard competition and events. The main organizers of the event who are based in Sayulita, Mexico close off the La SaladitaContinue reading “MexiLog Fest in Playa La Saladita 2023”

Do I need a wetsuit to surf Playa La Saladita?

One of the top questions I get from would be guests and anyone that reaches out to ask about surfing in Playa La Saladita is … do I need a wetsuit? The short answer is NO. We here in this tropical surfing paradise are blessed with warm water waves and warm ocean temps throughout mostContinue reading “Do I need a wetsuit to surf Playa La Saladita?”

Do I need to rent a car in Playa La Saladita ?

Lots of people who visit playa la saladita ask the same question. Is it necessary to rent a car here? The short answer is no. You will find here in playa la saladita that the waves are just a few steps from La Casita and everything you need is within a few minutes walk. It’sContinue reading “Do I need to rent a car in Playa La Saladita ?”

What kind of surfboard rentals can I find in Playa La Saladita

Planning a surf trip requires some logistics, planning and local knowledge of your surf destination. Remote surf destinations tend not to have the greatest selection of surfboard rentals available to surfers but that’s not the case here in Playa La Saladita Whether you are a beginner looking for a fun forgiving wavestorm foam board orContinue reading “What kind of surfboard rentals can I find in Playa La Saladita”

Surfing saladita in rainy season

Many people have asked me what surfing is like during the rainy season here in playa la saladita. Our rainy season is from around the end of May to the end of September and can be some of the best time of the year to surf. The way the beach here in Saladita is situatedContinue reading “Surfing saladita in rainy season”