Surfing saladita in rainy season

Many people have asked me what surfing is like during the rainy season here in playa la saladita. Our rainy season is from around the end of May to the end of September and can be some of the best time of the year to surf. The way the beach here in Saladita is situated it picks up lots of south swells which tend to start to fill in around the beginning of may and are very consistent in the summer months.

A typical rain during the summer could start in the afternoon , rain all night and then nice clear sunny and hot the next day. During rainy season Tropical storms are more frequent and with them comes the bigger swells. Sometimes the swell can be messed up from secondary storm swells but often the rain helps to settle the swell and it can be clean and fun!

Whatever season you’re coming to enjoy La Saladita you’ll find fun waves. Even the rainy season is a good time to come surf. Definitely bring plenty of bug spray tho as the rains tend to bring them to life.

Also it’s a good idea to wait until we’ve had a few good rains come through before paddling out as the rivers break and bring lots of debris from upstream into the ocean creating potential hazards in the surf.

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