Your Host

Hola soy Maura. I’m originally from NYC, avid surfer and I’m your hostess here at La Casita Boutique Surf Villa and Suites.

I traded in city life for the quiet of the Mexican Pacific in 2005 on a family vacation where I fell in love with the Mexican people, culture, food and of course endless stretch of surfable coastline ! I have been here ever since.

I love to host surfers and travelers from around the globe and help them to enjoy a unique and authentic travel experience here in La Saladita, Mexico.

I appreciate the difference local knowledge can make in a visitors stay and love sharing with my guests this little slice of coastal paradise and its’ “secret spots”. I’m fluent in Spanish and can help with all kinds of trip logistics that can make your visit here a more enriching experience.

Whether it’s pointing out the best place to paddle out to the break or finding that hidden little breakfast spot that’s just opened up;.to arranging airport transfers, board hire, surf lessons, massages, day trips or in-house personal cooking services,..I am here to help!

Along with my furry rescues (I do a lot of volunteer work with our local animal rescue group Surfers For Strays) and my staff we aim to provide our guests with a a memorable and enjoyable vacation experience here in Playa La Saladita :).

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