What kind of surfboard rentals can I find in Playa La Saladita

Surfboard Rentals in Playa La Saladita

Planning a surf trip requires some logistics, planning and local knowledge of your surf destination. Remote surf destinations tend not to have the greatest selection of surfboard rentals available to surfers but that’s not the case here in Playa La Saladita

Whether you are a beginner looking for a fun forgiving wavestorm foam board or a more advanced single fin logger you can generally find the right rental board to fit your needs.

Most of the beachfront rentals carry a big quiver of surfboards for rent, some more geared towards beginner and less experienced surfers and others that are hand shaped and kept in pretty pristine condition.

A high performance surfboard rental will cost you slightly more but generally speaking a weekly surfboard rental will run you $120 USD and in some cases you can contact the surf rental spots ahead of time to reserve a surfboard.

When you consider factors like airline bay check fees, potential damage to or loss of your surfboard in transit, higher taxi cost for accommodating boards a local surfboard rental here in Playa La Saladita might just be the perfect choice.

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