What is there to do after surfing in Playa La Saladita?

Most people that come to visit Playa La Saladita come for the awesome waves and good vibes. There’s also fun things to do after surfing a bit of nightlife to enjoy and live music to check out.

Here are a few local spots worthy of finding your way to …

Casa Barracuda hosts Monday nights
acoustic music and jam sessions.

CASA BARRACUDA … you’ll find a simple and delicious fresh menu here with ceviche, smoked marlin tacos, mini burgers (and veggie burgers), salad and very yummy cocktails. Don’t miss their Monday gets acoustic. Live music and jam session.

LA MAREJADA “burger spot”… Enjoy family style outdoor seating, casual and friendly everyone knows each other kind of joint. At night home made burgers, buns and fries are served up. Variety of beer and mezcal.

During the day you’ll find a vast menu of smoothie bowls here that are the perfect healthy post surf deliciousness you didn’t know you were looking for. Try the popeye smoothie bowl w mango. YUMMM!!!

MARETA with a particularly brilliant sunset on Playa La Saladita México

MARETA…If you’re looking for a picture worthy, fun spot right in front of the playa La Saladita surf break with good vibes, live music, solid eats, well curated cocktails and a challenging slack line then you will have come to the right place.

The result of a fusion between a local Saladita family member and a musician from Mexico City this spot aims to provide a mix of laid back beach culture and city inspired arts, music, food and entertainment.

So far it seems to be a crowd pleaser.

Paco’s on the beach in playa La Saladita

PACO’S…If a casual spot with great service and delicious food is your jam then Paco’s will be a must on your list. The burritos and tacos are on point as are the ribs which is the Saturday night special. They serve a full pour wine glass and prices are very reasonable. Hard to eat there just once this is definitely a staple spot for most Playa La Saladita visitors.

Is Playa La Saladita a family friendly surfing destination?

Playa La Saladita is a family friendly surf destination

More and more families are choosing surfing beaches and warm water destinations to spend their holiday vacations with the kids.

I get asked all the time if Playa La Saladita is the right choice for families wanting to visit the beautiful beaches of méxico.

Mexico on the whole is a very family and kid friendly country to travel to and Playa La Saladita is no exception.

The winter months are ideal for families with young kids wanting to learn to surf or swim in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Kids learning to surf in Playa La Saladita

You’ll find very mellow gentle waves for learning at the main surf break and also parts of the beach a bit further along that are ideal for swimming, boogie boarding and beach combing.

For families with very young children you will find some accommodations offering childcare services, cribs and/or pack and plays for use during your stay.

The best family memories are ones you make at the beach and Playa La Saladita is the perfect choice for bringing the whole family. Kids can choose surfing, horseback riding, boogie boarding, beach volleyball, body surfing or just playing in the Mexican Pacific. Come enjoy the all the spoils this surf vacation destination has to offer.

Do I need a wetsuit to surf Playa La Saladita?

Do I need a wetsuit to surf in Playa La Saladita?

One of the top questions I get from would be guests and anyone that reaches out to ask about surfing in Playa La Saladita is … do I need a wetsuit? The short answer is NO.

We here in this tropical surfing paradise are blessed with warm water waves and warm ocean temps throughout most of the year. The warmest months for surfing being June through the end of September.

October and November are still warm but not bath water temps like we have in the summer. You can still surf in just shorts or in a bikini even through December.

Depending on where it is that you’re coming from especially if it’s a cold water spot you won’t need to wear much else than board shorts and maybe a rash guard.

The months that tend to get a bit cooler water temps are mid February through April and sometimes even through the first week or so of May.

If you’re a Playa La Saladita local then you’re likely in a long sleeve 3/2 when the water temps dip below the mid 70s but for most surfer tourists a 1mil rash guard or shortie will do just fine.

So while the rest of the pacific and eastern coast of North America are shivering through cold water temps we here in Playa La Saladita are enjoying warm water waves and ice cold cervezas.

What are you waiting for ? 🤙🏻

Surf Lessons and surf coaching in Playa La Saladita

I get asked a lot of times by my guests if they should take surf lessons here in Playa La Saladita. My short and long answer is yes. Whether you’re a total beginner, have some surf experience or have been surfing for a while, every surf spot you travel to is a little different.

For the total beginner Playa La Saladita is the perfect place to learn and what better way then having an experienced surfer guide you through the journey of learning how to surf. Many factors contribute to having a fun surf session; ocean and wave conditions, board choice, athletic ability etc.

Working with a local surf instructor you can maximize your time in the water on the equipment that’s best suited for the type of wave we have here in La Saladita.

Surf instructors give you the benefit of local wave knowledge and will help you place yourself in a spot where you’ll be catching lots of waves and they can teach you safety out in the lineup and proper surf etiquette when surfing with others around you.

For experienced surfers local knowledge can help place you in the pocket of the wave and surf coaching and video analysts will have you improving your overall skill and enjoyment out there.

There’s also alot to learn from a surf coach about board selection, shape and wave reading. The spot in La Saladita lends itself for surf progression as it’s a long wave with plenty of room for trying new tricks and it can also be easily photographed for analysts with your coach.

Locally there are several surf schools, camps and clinics to choose from. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case you’re interested in booking a session 🤙🏻

Buying groceries in Playa La Saladita

A question I get asked a lot by my guests is where they can do their grocery shopping here in Playa La Saladita. I recommend to my guests that on the way from the international airport in zihuatanejo they stop at the Mega Soriana supermarket as it’s a big box store that has plenty of options including a gourmet and organic grocery se than.

At the time of this blog posting we do not have any convenient or grocery stores at the beach but you can pick up basic supplies in two nearby places, Los Llanos and La Salada.

The closest place to get basic supplies (tortillas, beans, eggs, cheese, bread, milk etc) is in the little town of La Salada.

Here in the town you’ll find a couple of small tiendas, the largest being Yulis which is attached to the little brightly painted church so it’s the easiest to locate. Yuli is also an excellent cook and prepares food there so most everyone knows where her place is and can help direct you if you can’t find it. The other smaller shops are operated out of peoples homes so it is a bit harder to find them.

In the town of los llanos which is about 5Km (3 miles) from the beach there’s a few more larger convenient stores to choose from. The super Patys and Lalos are the main stores with the most variety of products and produce. The other smaller stores have mostly chips, snacks and sodas.

From the beach the town of La Salada is an easy 15 minute walk whereas it’s best to take a local taxi to Los llanos as the main road has zero shade and it’s a hot long walk if you head out after surfing.

Do I need to rent a car in Playa La Saladita ?

One of several cars for rent in Playa La Saladita

Lots of people who visit playa la saladita ask the same question. Is it necessary to rent a car here? The short answer is no.

You will find here in playa la saladita that the waves are just a few steps from La Casita and everything you need is within a few minutes walk. It’s a very easy area to navigate on foot or by bike.

There are local taxis that can take you from the beach to the nearby town of Los Llanos where you’ll find basic grocery shopping, an ATM and also a couple of food spots to try.

You can also hire a taxi or local surf guide to take you to nearby surf spots or to check out other beach communities like Troncones and Buenavista.

So while renting a car does give you more freedom to get to other places you don’t really need one if your goal is to surf, relax and enjoy this beautiful spot in Playa La Saladita.

However if you do decide to rent a car there are several options of both sedan, SUV and suburbans available locally.

What kind of surfboard rentals can I find in Playa La Saladita

Surfboard Rentals in Playa La Saladita

Planning a surf trip requires some logistics, planning and local knowledge of your surf destination. Remote surf destinations tend not to have the greatest selection of surfboard rentals available to surfers but that’s not the case here in Playa La Saladita

Whether you are a beginner looking for a fun forgiving wavestorm foam board or a more advanced single fin logger you can generally find the right rental board to fit your needs.

Most of the beachfront rentals carry a big quiver of surfboards for rent, some more geared towards beginner and less experienced surfers and others that are hand shaped and kept in pretty pristine condition.

A high performance surfboard rental will cost you slightly more but generally speaking a weekly surfboard rental will run you $120 USD and in some cases you can contact the surf rental spots ahead of time to reserve a surfboard.

When you consider factors like airline bay check fees, potential damage to or loss of your surfboard in transit, higher taxi cost for accommodating boards a local surfboard rental here in Playa La Saladita might just be the perfect choice.

What’s the best time of year for waves in Playa La Saladita

Waves at the point in Playa La Saladita

The waves in playa la saladita are consistent year round but depending on your level of surfing, certain times of the year may be better than others to visit Playa La Saladita.

As a beginner surfer wanting to learn to surf on friendly gentle and long left breaking waves, the winter is the best time of year for a visit.

From about November to April the point break at Playa La saladita serves up small to medium clean long waves that are perfect for beginner surfers. These kinds of waves are best to learn on and hone your surfing skills. Various surf schools located in Playa La Saladita can arrange for surf lessons and board rental.

As a more experienced surfer the late spring into summer season produces much bigger waves and consistent solid swells. The best months for finding clean surf swell in Playa La Saladita are May and June.

Later in the summer tends to have more chance of storm swell as the rainy season sets in and so do occasional tropical depressions and storm surges. There is certainly still plenty of surfing to enjoy in the summer but can sometimes be a hit or miss depending on inclement weather.

Where is the best place to paddle out in Playa La Saladita ?

Paddling out in La Saladita

Many surfers visiting Playa La Saladita want to know where is the best place to paddle out to get to the waves. That depends a lot on a couple of factors : what is the swell doing and what kind of board are you surfing?

If the swell is big and you there’s lots of current and you’re surfing a shorter board it’s best to walk south down the beach even past the main point where the beach starts to arc further south. This can be a great place to paddle out from as there’s typically a channel that will suck you out to the outside set. The only drawback here is having to duck dive the sets so it can be quite challenging and tiring on a longboard.

If you’re surfing a longboard in bigger conditions it’s better to paddle out more to the north of the point where it’s a bit of a longer paddle but you paddle through the shoulder and avoid having to duck dive or roll the board over. This saves you some energy for the paddle into the waves !

On a typical day with smaller surf and less sweeping current it’s a good choice to paddle from the area near Lourdes restaurant as its closest to the outside peak and a more direct route. With smaller swell you won’t have too much current to battle and sets will be easy to paddle over on your way out to the peak.

Surfing saladita in rainy season

Many people have asked me what surfing is like during the rainy season here in playa la saladita. Our rainy season is from around the end of May to the end of September and can be some of the best time of the year to surf. The way the beach here in Saladita is situated it picks up lots of south swells which tend to start to fill in around the beginning of may and are very consistent in the summer months.

A typical rain during the summer could start in the afternoon , rain all night and then nice clear sunny and hot the next day. During rainy season Tropical storms are more frequent and with them comes the bigger swells. Sometimes the swell can be messed up from secondary storm swells but often the rain helps to settle the swell and it can be clean and fun!

Whatever season you’re coming to enjoy La Saladita you’ll find fun waves. Even the rainy season is a good time to come surf. Definitely bring plenty of bug spray tho as the rains tend to bring them to life.

Also it’s a good idea to wait until we’ve had a few good rains come through before paddling out as the rivers break and bring lots of debris from upstream into the ocean creating potential hazards in the surf.