Do I need to rent a car in Playa La Saladita ?

One of several cars for rent in Playa La Saladita

Lots of people who visit playa la saladita ask the same question. Is it necessary to rent a car here? The short answer is no.

You will find here in playa la saladita that the waves are just a few steps from La Casita and everything you need is within a few minutes walk. It’s a very easy area to navigate on foot or by bike.

There are local taxis that can take you from the beach to the nearby town of Los Llanos where you’ll find basic grocery shopping, an ATM and also a couple of food spots to try.

You can also hire a taxi or local surf guide to take you to nearby surf spots or to check out other beach communities like Troncones and Buenavista.

So while renting a car does give you more freedom to get to other places you don’t really need one if your goal is to surf, relax and enjoy this beautiful spot in Playa La Saladita.

However if you do decide to rent a car there are several options of both sedan, SUV and suburbans available locally.

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