Do I need a wetsuit to surf Playa La Saladita?

Do I need a wetsuit to surf in Playa La Saladita?

One of the top questions I get from would be guests and anyone that reaches out to ask about surfing in Playa La Saladita is … do I need a wetsuit? The short answer is NO.

We here in this tropical surfing paradise are blessed with warm water waves and warm ocean temps throughout most of the year. The warmest months for surfing being June through the end of September.

October and November are still warm but not bath water temps like we have in the summer. You can still surf in just shorts or in a bikini even through December.

Depending on where it is that you’re coming from especially if it’s a cold water spot you won’t need to wear much else than board shorts and maybe a rash guard.

The months that tend to get a bit cooler water temps are mid February through April and sometimes even through the first week or so of May.

If you’re a Playa La Saladita local then you’re likely in a long sleeve 3/2 when the water temps dip below the mid 70s but for most surfer tourists a 1mil rash guard or shortie will do just fine.

So while the rest of the pacific and eastern coast of North America are shivering through cold water temps we here in Playa La Saladita are enjoying warm water waves and ice cold cervezas.

What are you waiting for ? 🤙🏻

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