Is Playa La Saladita a family friendly surfing destination?

Playa La Saladita is a family friendly surf destination

More and more families are choosing surfing beaches and warm water destinations to spend their holiday vacations with the kids.

I get asked all the time if Playa La Saladita is the right choice for families wanting to visit the beautiful beaches of méxico.

Mexico on the whole is a very family and kid friendly country to travel to and Playa La Saladita is no exception.

The winter months are ideal for families with young kids wanting to learn to surf or swim in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Kids learning to surf in Playa La Saladita

You’ll find very mellow gentle waves for learning at the main surf break and also parts of the beach a bit further along that are ideal for swimming, boogie boarding and beach combing.

For families with very young children you will find some accommodations offering childcare services, cribs and/or pack and plays for use during your stay.

The best family memories are ones you make at the beach and Playa La Saladita is the perfect choice for bringing the whole family. Kids can choose surfing, horseback riding, boogie boarding, beach volleyball, body surfing or just playing in the Mexican Pacific. Come enjoy the all the spoils this surf vacation destination has to offer.

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