Surf Lessons and surf coaching in Playa La Saladita

I get asked a lot of times by my guests if they should take surf lessons here in Playa La Saladita. My short and long answer is yes. Whether you’re a total beginner, have some surf experience or have been surfing for a while, every surf spot you travel to is a little different.

For the total beginner Playa La Saladita is the perfect place to learn and what better way then having an experienced surfer guide you through the journey of learning how to surf. Many factors contribute to having a fun surf session; ocean and wave conditions, board choice, athletic ability etc.

Working with a local surf instructor you can maximize your time in the water on the equipment that’s best suited for the type of wave we have here in La Saladita.

Surf instructors give you the benefit of local wave knowledge and will help you place yourself in a spot where you’ll be catching lots of waves and they can teach you safety out in the lineup and proper surf etiquette when surfing with others around you.

For experienced surfers local knowledge can help place you in the pocket of the wave and surf coaching and video analysts will have you improving your overall skill and enjoyment out there.

There’s also alot to learn from a surf coach about board selection, shape and wave reading. The spot in La Saladita lends itself for surf progression as it’s a long wave with plenty of room for trying new tricks and it can also be easily photographed for analysts with your coach.

Locally there are several surf schools, camps and clinics to choose from. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case you’re interested in booking a session 🤙🏻

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