Buying groceries in Playa La Saladita

A question I get asked a lot by my guests is where they can do their grocery shopping here in Playa La Saladita. I recommend to my guests that on the way from the international airport in zihuatanejo they stop at the Mega Soriana supermarket as it’s a big box store that has plenty of options including a gourmet and organic grocery se than.

At the time of this blog posting we do not have any convenient or grocery stores at the beach but you can pick up basic supplies in two nearby places, Los Llanos and La Salada.

The closest place to get basic supplies (tortillas, beans, eggs, cheese, bread, milk etc) is in the little town of La Salada.

Here in the town you’ll find a couple of small tiendas, the largest being Yulis which is attached to the little brightly painted church so it’s the easiest to locate. Yuli is also an excellent cook and prepares food there so most everyone knows where her place is and can help direct you if you can’t find it. The other smaller shops are operated out of peoples homes so it is a bit harder to find them.

In the town of los llanos which is about 5Km (3 miles) from the beach there’s a few more larger convenient stores to choose from. The super Patys and Lalos are the main stores with the most variety of products and produce. The other smaller stores have mostly chips, snacks and sodas.

From the beach the town of La Salada is an easy 15 minute walk whereas it’s best to take a local taxi to Los llanos as the main road has zero shade and it’s a hot long walk if you head out after surfing.

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