Where is the best place to paddle out in Playa La Saladita ?

Paddling out in La Saladita

Many surfers visiting Playa La Saladita want to know where is the best place to paddle out to get to the waves. That depends a lot on a couple of factors : what is the swell doing and what kind of board are you surfing?

If the swell is big and you there’s lots of current and you’re surfing a shorter board it’s best to walk south down the beach even past the main point where the beach starts to arc further south. This can be a great place to paddle out from as there’s typically a channel that will suck you out to the outside set. The only drawback here is having to duck dive the sets so it can be quite challenging and tiring on a longboard.

If you’re surfing a longboard in bigger conditions it’s better to paddle out more to the north of the point where it’s a bit of a longer paddle but you paddle through the shoulder and avoid having to duck dive or roll the board over. This saves you some energy for the paddle into the waves !

On a typical day with smaller surf and less sweeping current it’s a good choice to paddle from the area near Lourdes restaurant as its closest to the outside peak and a more direct route. With smaller swell you won’t have too much current to battle and sets will be easy to paddle over on your way out to the peak.

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