Is Playa La Saladita safe for solo female surf travelers?

Women surfers in Playa La Saladita

I get asked this question a lot by women who are either beginner surfers and want to come and learn in playa la saladita or women who are surfers and are looking for a friendly spot that’s also safe for a solo female surfer to travel to.

The definitive answer is YES! Playa La Saladita is a very safe place for women surfers traveling alone or with other girlfriends to come and enjoy fun waves, friendly locals, great vibes and delicious food.

Nique Miller visiting surfer to Playa La Saladita

In fact there is a growing community of women surfers who have come to Playa La Saladita and have bonded together over surfing and enjoying the beach life. It’s easy to find and get to know the women surfers who have chosen Playa La Saladita as their surf destination and in some cases their home.

As a woman who has lived in Playa La Saladita and the area for twenty years I can say that it is very friendly and welcoming to women. It is a safe place where women surfers are respected and encouraged to hone their surf talents and creativity.

El Templo Playa La Saladita Instagram. El Tenplo is a space offering community classes and workshops.

Recently a space was created called El Templo where a variety of community classes and workshops…yoga, fitness, creative writing, singing and dance being just a few…are offered mostly by women and mostly women are in attendance.

Other women have formed local groups to discuss surfing and topics that affect women out in the lineup encouraging more women to surf with confidence and embrace their love of the ocean.

You can find women focused surf and yoga retreats on offer in Playa La Saladita. There are several retreat options that are led by women surfers FOR women surfers.

Local surfer in Playa La Saladita
Paty Valdovinos

Additionally you will find female surf photographers based in Playa La Saladita. It has become a common profession for women who both enjoy surfing and have a passion for photography and playing in the ocean. There are several women who offer their professional surf photography services both in the water and on land to capture those epic surfing shots.

So if you are a women looking for a female friendly surf spot then look no further than Playa La Saladita.

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