What is there to do after surfing in Playa La Saladita?

Most people that come to visit Playa La Saladita come for the awesome waves and good vibes. There’s also fun things to do after surfing a bit of nightlife to enjoy and live music to check out.

Here are a few local spots worthy of finding your way to …

Casa Barracuda hosts Monday nights
acoustic music and jam sessions.

CASA BARRACUDA … you’ll find a simple and delicious fresh menu here with ceviche, smoked marlin tacos, mini burgers (and veggie burgers), salad and very yummy cocktails. Don’t miss their Monday gets acoustic. Live music and jam session.

LA MAREJADA “burger spot”… Enjoy family style outdoor seating, casual and friendly everyone knows each other kind of joint. At night home made burgers, buns and fries are served up. Variety of beer and mezcal.

During the day you’ll find a vast menu of smoothie bowls here that are the perfect healthy post surf deliciousness you didn’t know you were looking for. Try the popeye smoothie bowl w mango. YUMMM!!!

MARETA with a particularly brilliant sunset on Playa La Saladita México

MARETA…If you’re looking for a picture worthy, fun spot right in front of the playa La Saladita surf break with good vibes, live music, solid eats, well curated cocktails and a challenging slack line then you will have come to the right place.

The result of a fusion between a local Saladita family member and a musician from Mexico City this spot aims to provide a mix of laid back beach culture and city inspired arts, music, food and entertainment.

So far it seems to be a crowd pleaser.

Paco’s on the beach in playa La Saladita

PACO’S…If a casual spot with great service and delicious food is your jam then Paco’s will be a must on your list. The burritos and tacos are on point as are the ribs which is the Saturday night special. They serve a full pour wine glass and prices are very reasonable. Hard to eat there just once this is definitely a staple spot for most Playa La Saladita visitors.

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